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Holy moly: Am I literally their confederate somehow?

Jum'at, 19 Juni 2020 pukul 14:50:11   |   37 kali

“Last week, we came to meet one of the officers who works here. I was told to wait outside whilst they entered through the main door and came out later with confirmation that the office got the money. I don’t need to worry, they said. What I got to do was waiting at home, the car would be delivered shortly because I had accomplished the total due.” “So I just waited. Day one, day two, day three and till now, the car never shows up to my house as promised.” He kept looking down while his hands were busy folding the edge of his shirt. I could feel the agony, anger, frustration were his adherence emotion he could not hide. “Do you remember the name of officers your acquaintances mentioned last week?” I asked. “Yes,” he named some which none I recognized as one of my colleagues. I was pretty damn sure some dupers unequivocally had deceived this man by pretending knew people who work here in order to convince their victim to doing action for their benefit. Considering that he was a victim of deception, I tried to parse my acceptable explanation. I didn’t want interfered what in his mind by agreeing what happening was my office responsibility. The fact, what had happened, had nothing to do with it. I noticed it is simply the lack of people knowledge on how to dealing with auction as the root cause of this mess.

That was one of the fake auction reports I frequently accepted during my assignment as a chief section of auction at KPKNL Pekanbaru. The gravity of situation put me in an awkward position. The victim learned a possible involvement because he witnessed the culprit entered the office, though he didn’t know exactly whom the rogue squad was talking to or what they were dealing with. The victim didn’t realise that the squad was outsmart him till I could explain the procedure, term and condition of auction. In which none of them he followed.

The act of deception come in many forms of stages. Sometime, it came, as if he was the victim. The other day, he broke my office ranting and scolding about any com-plot or suspicious policy that could make him lost in an auction. And sometime, it came more modestly by impending an agreement.

Another day, a debtor accompanied by a “lawyer” of a justice nation, confidently, warned me not to proceed his asset foreclose auction proposed by a bank he had borrowed the money from. The lawyer insisted that the nation’s president had guaranteed the citizen loan and prohibit bank or KPKNL to set public auction. The president has right to protect his citizen’s asset and do any measures required to not let his people’s asset on sales by other party in any name and on behalf of. They were so arrogant and opinionated so that elicited my defensive of authority to put things right. So I began ferociously to speech the legal law and foundation of a foreclosure auction. After a few minutes, I halted my voluminous explanation when something impeded me to continue my speech. The debtor’s vacant look! I noticed that whatever I told the debtor, his vacant look depicted the deep bewilderment. He seemed like in trance state so it was impossible to proceed my vehemence speech. Finally, I told them that it was creditor who could have the right to halt and cancel the dated auction, here no decision was made whatsoever! “And now just leave me alone!” I ferociously asked them to get out of my office. They went out. A few minutes later, the debtor came back fledgling that he knew he was in vulnerable situation. He was so desperately down having all his businesses were going down. When this nation offered him some helps, He took nonchalantly, at least to procrastinate the auction process. The man looked like a descent one, however I disbelieved his excuses and reaffirmed my previous explanation.

You served people equally. Giving an excellent service means you don’t see whether those come to you asking for further information of upcoming auction or some advises of how to participate in an auction. Tens to hundreds of people come and go everyday. When you can deliver your job well and make them satisfied, that was enough. I didn’t notice if our hospitality is a hairline fissure of opportunity used by bad people to deprive others. If I knew that those who were in front of me deceiving someone who was standing at the corner of my office front yard, I could had stopped the swindled act from happening and saved that poor man. Or, If I knew that those fictitious nation’s lawyer who came with an ostensibly victim to study our weakness, I should had called the police so that I could stop the menace. However, no we could not do that. Because, those who came well manner is the subject to the excellent service protocol. They deserve best service we have.

One day, when I was working a mounting paper work on my desk, my former buddy was calling. ”Hi man, how are you?” I asked. “I am Ok, sorry I call you at this hour. I Just want to make sure you don’t change your phone number, well…… I think you don’t”. Then he explained that a few minutes before somebody using my profile picture offered him a latest model car with an extremely enticing low price. Fortunately, though my picture was seen as the caller’s profile but the phone number was not mine. He knew exactly what my phone number was. He sensed that Something was not plausible. That is why he called me that day. Thank God, he was a police officer. The precaution act was his spontaneous habit. I didn’t know what happened next if it was somebody else. I closed my eyes, expecting, there was nobody else reached by the bizarre fake auction alliance.

Why these obnoxious crimes happen over and over as though there is nothing I can do to stop them? Some of my colleagues post warning status on their media social platform walls of such gruesome acts. But the attempt seems like scattering salt over the ocean. The tide is mounting and the tally is growing bigger and bigger like a sliding snow ball. Don’t the warning, public education suppose to prevent them from happening?

People jostle aggressively when someone offer them a benefit over low price in every daily basis transaction, we do too. We omit repetitively the important of precaution to prevent a bad luck happening in the future. We are too excited with the opportunity we consider won’t come in many years and flirt a tenacious hints out of our grasp voluntarily. Everything turned embittered when we face some Crestfallen of the dark storm and thunder at the end of tunnel. It could be our inherited character.

This is the character of reckless that inspire bad people to manipulate other for the personal benefit. For years, people acknowledge an auction as a way to buy things cheaper than traditional market. It grows and attracts many potential buyers across the country. Auction has created a big slice of the market share. As any lucrative business, the size of auction market share has sparked many opportunities and intangible benefits. Some bad people try to imitate the practices and outwit their prey by fabricating it.

On the other hand, internet technology fast grows and provides us with ample and high speed information. The combination of the two can lead and mislead public perception. You are safe if you always set high filter of the information and never splurge your money when you don’t have to. But, many are vulnerable enough to be alert in sorting and filtering such abundance information.

Based on the facts, the practices, and technology development, there are three big question come to fore: number one: can we alter the inherent character which has been imbedded in us for years? How to transform the way of thinking and root out the bad habit are not like turning our palm upside down. It takes years and requires examples. It is hard, yes, but not impossible. It involves personal will and community will. Maybe we can not change the whole people but we can start from our self. Personal awareness plays the most part but public participation is a must. Number two: can we halt and stop the traffic of the information? Can we restrict some for a certain group of people and some for another group? Fake news, misleading memes, conspiracy theory in social media seems like unstoppable. Is there any way to stop people from spreading misinformation and disinformation? Ira Hyman Ph.D., expert in Mental mishap explain that Stopping the spread of misinformation will be a serious challenge. We must first understand the nature of the problem: Some people intentionally spread misinformation. People are intentionally planting and promoting lies. They use us to help them spreading the information without we even realised of being used. Thus you become an unwitting agent of the people trying to spread misinformation and disinformation. You may help those auction faker undermine our auction by spreading their acts. They don’t care it is a warning of their behaviour, their intention is to reach people to know that there is a sales, a big sales. The time people get the warning, they are save. But some other time, the information looks real, and some of us immerse and plunge as a victim of the criminal acts. Our discretion in spreading such information should be applied. Public education or social campaign what and how auction is, the arrest of the committed squad could mitigate the misleading information. Number three: am I literally their confederate? Frankly speaking, some I felt really bad about it. Out there, Bad people used my hospitality for their foul games I can not control. If I can read bad people mind who came into my office, I could had stopped them for doing further damage, However, I am not a superman whose x-ray eyes can see thru the wall and spaces. I am just ordinary people who try to the best I can. If the external party use it irresponsibly. That is out of my hands!!!

By: Iwan Darma Setiawan, Kanwil DJKN Kalimantan Barat

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